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Come collaborate with other ITT Alumni as we generate ideas for the future of humanity in the MENA Region. Our 2020 seminar is all online for ten weeks of idea sharing, project collaboration, and workshops with other field experts and organizations to address dire resource management issues.



The Middle East faces unprecedented resource management challenges. Throughout our seminar we aim to cocreate solutions for real life challenges faced daily in the Middle East. To face these problems we must work together to create and support solutions that exist on a number of scales for the interconnected problems and feedback loops from societal, economic, and environmental pressures that threaten the region. We believe that this can only be achieved through collaboration and new ideas with our alumni. In partnership with GJU, CEWAS, and you, ITT seeks to help you to develop your ideas . Though we cannot promise success, we can guide you on the way to create demand-oriented innovative ideas and make them a reality.



The seminar is designed to maximize interaction, engagement and empowerment for our alumni and support the development of their ideas. In this, the program is designed in four main stages with a road map that you can check on the program page.

What you get out of this journey depends on you!

Participation Modes:

Easy: Join the online sessions and get a taste of mastering your own ideas.

Moderate: Join the online sessions and at least 2 hours of weekly assignment – initiating the innovation process for your future idea solution.

Master: Join the online sessions and up to 5 hours of weekly assignment and use of individual coaching to develop a fine-tuned, innovative idea ready to implement.